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The Innovative Water Project is a water quality improvement industry think tank and advisory group dedicated to improving the the quality of human life through developing, marketing, and distributing innovative water technologies products. We make water better, secure lifetime service relationships, and make sure sufficient fair profit is made to ensure longevity and growth.


To improve humanity by making water better. Clean, safe, delicious water needs to be affordable to all humankind

Our Mission

To design, develop, distribute and market the technologies, processes, and procedures need to make water better for all

Our people are all long-term veterans of the water quality improvement industry.  We are passionate about water, and we are passionate about business. Our Research & Development team is constantly searching for technologies to license, or developing our own where none already exist.

Our Marketing team develops, reviews, and revises what it takes to get the message understood, and our Business Coaches work tirelessly to keep the business of business running better. You can trust IWP to make your customers happier, and your business healthier.