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Fleck 9100 TS

The 9100TS is Pentair’s first foray into the world of twin-sensor controls through a cooperative development process with Performance Water Products and IWP.

Leveraging the advantages of the Logix resin sensor and the rock-solid performance of the 9100, the 9100TS has shifted the paradigm in water softening control valves.

Performance Water Products manufactures complete systems that include the 9100TS platform as well as the innovative 9100TSi and 9200TSi.

The 9100TS is designed to perform at high efficiency levels saving salt and water while effortlessly accommodating  fluctuations in influent water quality conditions. This controller is designed to meet and exceed the performance of all other  High Efficiency Water Softeners.

As with any complex control platform, it is imperative that the correct tank/resin combinations be selected and that the equipment manufacturer understands the intricacies of this technology.

Efficiency, longevity and sensor are further enhanced on the TSi and 9200TSi platforms along with other innovative features such as disinfection cycles, deep cleaning and multimedia integration. Through enhanced electronic hardware and software, the sky is truly the limit.

When selecting a 9100TS-based system, you can trust an OEM like Performance Water to provide you with a viable and sustainable equipment solution with the knowledge and expertise to back it up.